Porky's revenge  gourmet 100% Maple glazed Smokey Bxcon


unlike any other plant-based Bxcon you've had before


i bought some bxcon at the brighton vegan festival the other week - so good! 

— P. Glodowski, Facebook

"breakfast of champions”

— @gaslightsam29, Brighton

“ We got some at the brighton vegan festival ...

it's really delicious...

highly recommend.”

— F. Dwyer, Facebook


“ We bought  6 packs today, it's absolutely 


— J. P. Huntsman, Brighton

"i'm serving this at my wedding”

— @mosh.khalifah, Brighton

What is it made from?

Our vegan meats are made form a blend of Wheat Protien (also known as Wheat GLuten or Seitan), Chickpeas and Organic Tofu.

Where to buy

From one of our stockists:

Brighton Centre - Hisbe

Brighton Centre - Infinity Foods

Brighton Seven Dials - Kindly

Hove - The organic Earth

Online Delivery:

You can purchase our products right here in our online store - we deliver nationwide for £5 or locally for £3

Orders over £13.49 - Free Delivery in Brighton and hove area

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